Here at Handford Financial Strategies, we concentrate on doing the best for our clients. We believe retirement is a process, not a product. Our clients are smart and ambitious; they’ve made it to retirement and have prepared themselves well. They want guidance, communication, and reassurance, but the advice needed to process successfully through retirement isn’t readily available. How should one’s investments be allocated, what are the tax implications of withdrawal, which strategies for social security should one use, how does a couple live comfortably in retirement while preserving the estate for the next generation? Answering these questions is our purpose. We have steered numerous individuals into and through retirement. We have addressed the uncertainty that keeps retirees up at night and shed light on the issues not yet considered.  Questions become answers; obstacles emerge as clear paths. Our goal is to make the transition seamless.  

With 28 years of experience, our firm has developed relationships with professionals in the field, such as CPAs and attorneys. Handford Financial Strategies is one of the only truly financial planning firms in the affluent, small-town of Warrenton, Virginia. We are partnered with Commonwealth Financial Network®, a broker/dealer of more than 800 employees specializing in account services, investment research, retirement planning, insurance assessment, and legacy design, all ready to assist us. As an independently owned business, our viewpoint is objective and our focus is on our clients only. We are in the business of building meaningful relationships. Several of our clients are long-standing (more than two decades) and the bond is strong, so much that our new clients are almost exclusively from referrals from existing clients.

Those entering retirement or in retirement are faced with numerous life changing decisions, some of which may be irreversible. Many individuals don't have the time or knowledge to make these decisions on their own. Through our comprehensive Retirement Readiness Program, we have helped in making smart financial decisions and in avoiding costly mistakes. We have aided clients in solving countless decisions. about tax, estate, and legacy planning. We understand that a decision for one may be different for another.

We continually review your personally designed, comprehensive plan. Even the most thoroughly crafted plans can derail in our ever-changing lives. We combine careful preparation, market awareness, and new technology to maximize long-term financial success. We aggressively incorporate new tools and systems, attend seminars on new developments, conduct market research, and seek input from a network of experts, including attorneys and accountants.

Our goal is to release you from worry. We are experts in the field with a patented process and a long list of satisfied clients. Working with Handford Financial Strategies is like getting together with a friend of the family—an experience low in stress and high in caring and support.

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